Microdermabrasion: What is it, How it works, Benefits


Everyone desires to have perfect skincare, beauty, tone, and much more. But, aging causes several undesirable issues that make your skin look tired and drags your overall appearance. To solve those issues we rely on several types of creams, cosmetics, aesthetics, make-up, etc.

Though they work at their finest position but have you ever thought about what could be their side effects in the future? Well, as we know that all those products are made chemically which may overreact with the chemicals present in our skin and that can lead to major issues. Further, applying them on regular basis will habituate your body in a sense; if you forget to apply even a single day then the outcome will be unfair and uncertain. It does not mean you stop using those all products but be aware of its side effects.

Moreover, you feel like you’re comfortable with the product you use then continue on. Nevertheless, you’re not comfortable with any of the products. You must be wondering now, is there any way to have a safe and traditional treatment for the same? “YES,” there is a way named “Microdermabrasion”.

What is “Microdermabrasion”?


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The term comprises the combination of three words known as “micro” means undersized, “derma” means skin (derma is the short form of word dermis), and “abrasions” means the process of scrapping away. All together it means that it is a procedure that carries on microscopic abrasions to extract the thicker top layer consisting of dead cells.

In simple words, tiny crystals exfoliate the dead cells present on the top layer of the crust. Those tiny crystals are emitted with the help of a machine which then sticks with the debris and impurities present in there, after that the machine sucks that tiny crystal back again including the impurities and debris. At last, they are thrown out and replaced with fresh crystals to get ready for another treatment.

It not only removes the debris and impurities, but it also rejuvenates your appearance to get a fair complexion. As soon as the layer containing dead cells is removed fresh healthy one’s cells start taking place that provides a fresh look to your face. Moreover, it builds up a good blood circulation all across. As an outcome, the flow of oxygen is experienced this gives births to fresh cells enriched with many necessary nutrients. All these activities that occur leads to improving terms like elasticity and texture.

Though there are many types of processes similar to this, the best one to rely on is the traditional process. As compared to others the traditional process is safe, durable, and less expensive. The derivation of this treatment was done from the treatment named as “Dermabrasion”. Dermabrasion is a type of surgical skin planning, typically performed in a professional medical setting by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon trained specifically in this procedure. After several years of practice and a combination of new technologies the term micro-dermabrasion came into existence, one can refer to it as an enhanced version of the previous procedure.

Targeted areas and issues


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  • Face: It includes almost every part of your face like jawlines, cheek lines, cheekbones, forehead, eyebrows, and so much more. It even includes your neck, while sensitive parts like ears and the part near the nostrils are not treated as the layer present over there is thin that may lead to burns.
  • Abdomen and waistline: If we focus only on the rejuvenation of the face then the parts like abdomen and waistline will leave behind making your overall appearance of the tone uneven. Thus, parts like the chest, abdomen, waistlines, waist, hands, shoulders, etc. can also be treated.

As we all know that celebrities, models are very concise about the tone of their overall appearance. Thus, with the help of this process, one can achieve that easily. As we discussed it is applicable to every part of your body except the parts containing thin layers they are ears, feet, and palm of the hands.

This procedure is the effect if you have issues like:

  •         Wrinkles: A slight line or fold on the face.
  •         Stretch marks: Irregular lines or streaks.
  •         Melasma: Dark, discolored patches on your body.
  •         Hyperpigmentation: Freckles, age spots, or darkened large areas.

There are furthermore, concerns that can be solved. Let us look further, at the 10 benefits, which can really help you very good: 

  1.   Dull looking skin 

Working for long and long, it affects your skin, which next seems to be dull and tedious. Here this method plays an important role, to make you feel fresh from all of your stress and dull skin. Moreover, the most common reason, why people use this, to become trouble-free from the effect of natural aging, sun damage, or photoaging.

  1.   Reduces wrinkles and lines 


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Experiences may vary, as this device can perform very well for some people. The location of your lines and wrinkles and then the number of treatments you get in return will determine how effectual results will be.

It has been found out that the women who had the treatment once in a week from the period of six weeks had observed an increase in brightness and decrease in the dullness and yellowness, with the assist of this device. Not only this but also noticed about reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

Following some skincare options might help you to maintain the results; you can go for moisturizer and a toner, which keep improving the results. 

  1.   Faded stretch marks 

You never get to know about your stretch marks on your face, like how it can be possible for you when you are already in stress! It is at least as effectual as other well-liked treatments, including tretinoin cream, for the healing of stretch marks.

This device got no chill, it persuades cell turnover and makes the inner pigments work on your stretch marks properly, which in turn get a response as the increase in the ability of healing by the skin.

This could be one of the reasons why the treatment is especially effective when stretch marks appear for the first time. 

  1.   Irregular pigmentation and age spots 

Some of the people prefer this treatment for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, this can submit to melasma or any type of aging acne or murky patches on your crust.

Women who try this is given with a combination of microdermabrasion and laser therapy, which in result, have experienced noteworthy development in their skin.

It is likely to see, that you will require more than this treatment to see results for hyperpigmentation. Along with it, laser therapy, and topical vitamin C, two treatments are complementary to give improvements to your skin.

The changes on your skin can be observed, just within two treatments. Isn’t it pleasing! 

  1.   Treat acne or acne mark 

What triggers your acne, an important thing to know about? This procedure won’t work on an active getaway, in fact, it could exacerbate your symptoms and make the getaway last longer. But it may react positively to acne.

It is also significant as it demonstrates as effectual for decreasing the perceptible of acne marks. The thing you should be aware of, microdermabrasion is not effective on deep acne marks.

Controversially, this does not require any type of anesthesia or recovery moments. This treatment is a good deal for people with acne scars who don’t want to challenge any intense treatments. Hence, it is an ideal treatment for them.

  1.   Improves product efficiency 


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When this treatment is on duty, of removing dead skin, it improves the quality of the product, which leads to upgrading in the absorption process by the product up to 50%. 

So then, if you want to get rid of form acne marks, using the treatment from the same product then you will get better results, rapidly, this will help you to get out of the skin problems such as spots, acne, and so on. This is improved in speedy rate by increasing product efficiency.  

The good thing is, the next time you go for the treatment, you will see better results at a rapid rate due to an increase in product efficacy. 

  1.   Shrunk enlarge spores and blackheads 

This process is not much recommended if you have an active breakout of acne or aggravated skin, which consists of blackheads. Never mind, if you get blackheads often, the treatment may be a way to lessen your pores and spots.

Some dermatologists recommend for this particular treatment, to improve your skin’s conditioning and making pores and spots less visible.

So to decide further on the treatments of blackheads and pores, you must look for an aesthetician experienced with microdermabrasion or a dermatologist.

So it’s up to you, whether you prefer for other treatment plans or lessen the visibility of your pores and spots.

  1.   Safety 

Most of the people choose this treatment, as the priority for their safety. No doubt, this process is one of the successful and safe treatments. During the procedure, no risk is possible, which makes people often more clear about choosing this treatment, rather than any other options for treatment, such as laser and so on.

It is said to be one of the safest cosmetic procedures that do not require long medications.

This procedure is also best for storing up your time; it is done in such a short period of time that you can do it in your lunch break. It is easy to handle it, you can do it on your own or if you want the help of professionals, you can go to a therapist or others. 

  1.   Release pores 


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The procedure followed removes almost each and every dirt particle and wreckage from the covering and unclogs the pores on the skin. Sometime, you may get shocked, due to the enlargement of your pore; the reason for the enlargement of the pore is improper hygienic skincare, dirt particle that attracts the filth or skin irritation.

But no needs to worry about, through this process you can get unclog pores as well as it reduces the size of the pore and makes it, to its original size as you have at an early age. 

  1. Circulation 

Till now you were aware of the improvement from the crust, its benefits, and so on. But now we have got up with one more benefit that you can feel and observe from inside is, it is going to improve, maintain, and upgrade your blood circulation deep inside your skin. That makes you feel better and have healthier skin.

Better circulation helps you to increase the flow of the oxygen, and the stream of other nutrients in your cells that helps in enhancing the elasticity of your skin.

By improving the circulation, the process helps to unclog the pores too. 

How does it work? 

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It is a cosmetic procedure; the first attempt should be done with the help of professionals, using a special device for the same. Due to this device, it leads to exfoliate your skin cells. 

Over millions of people have done a deal with this treatment, if you are remaining to deal with it, so what are you waiting for?

There are two main techniques: 

  • Crystal microdermabrasion: This technique involves tiny particles that are being directed at your face through a baton.
  • Diamond-tip microdermabrasion: This method involves an applicator that makes direct and straight contact with your skin as it exfoliates.

Both techniques are better options, you can choose, as this both work by loosening and removing the dead skin cells, and reveals younger-looking cells. 

 Things to remember

This treatment isn’t normally covered by insurance, so before scheduling the appointment, you may check the cost. Be known about professionalism, by asking about experience and knowledge of the treatment. If you are suffering from any skin concerns, then better to ask any surgeon or dermatologist, they have more understanding about the procedure risk and limitations.

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