5 Tips To Keep In Mind To Create An Unique Logo For Your E-Commerce Website


Designing a logo for any organization by top logo design companies can be tougher than it sounds. This is mainly because, the work not only requires your time and commitment, but also a great deal of skill and creativity. A logo is practically the face of the company in the market and among the potential customers. Thus, an innovative logo not only draws the attention of all but also is a great yet subtle medium of advertising.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind To Create An Unique Logo For Your E-Commerce Website

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while designing any logo, for example when it is for an e-commerce website, you need to keep in mind the target customers and the kind of product they are selling. We have here tried to make your work a bit simpler by providing you with some little yet useful things that you need to keep in mind while doing the design:

1)  Simplicity Is The Key:

This goes without saying that the more simple and easy you keep it, the better it is for you and the company to connect to a greater mass. At the same time, do not make it too obvious or bland, your creativity and uniqueness should be there in the logo in just the right amount.

2) Targeted Platforms:

In today’s world, smartphones are the most widely used medium. So consider that before you start designing. Try to keep it clean and less messy, remember that people will probably be seeing it in both phone and PCs where it will be nothing more than a small icon, so if you are putting delicate artistic work, chances are they will go unnoticed. Also avoid incorporating much text in the logo, which will make it look boring and unprofessional. For example, consider the logos of other successful e-commerce sites like Amazon or Myntra, where just a single letter in a unique font and style is sufficed to represent it.

3) Choosing The Image:

Choosing the right image for your logo is kind of the most crucial thing that you need to do. It is the first thing that anyone will notice at a glance. You might want to make it catchy, probably with the use of some funky colours.

4) Choosing A Tagline:

Now, this can be pretty tricky, selecting the right preferably short words to make an interesting tagline. This largely depends on the kind of product the e-commerce website sells and the customers they target. For example, if you are designing a logo for a site which deals in pharmaceuticals, then you do not go with something quirky or for a fashion site something serious.

5) Keeping The Correct Alignment:

Generally, it varies from website to website but tries to keep it more horizontal than vertical. What is mean is that when you are designing the web page try to keep it less on the vertical side and stretch it sideways. The reason behind this is that most of the information is then on a single screen and there is no need of scrolling much which many people do not have to patience to do.


With this, we come to the end of the article and we hope you will find the tips helpful for designing a logo for an e-commerce website. These things are pretty general and ultimately you are the one who needs to design the project based on the type of the website and it all comes down to your innovations and creative mind which will do wonders by creating unique ideas.

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