Amazon Super Bowl Commercial 2022: Alexa Can Read Mind!

Amazon Super Bowl Commercial

Who would have wondered that one day we’d possess flying cars and that people will be able to have vacations in space?

The world is becoming so futuristic and technological that everything appears to be feasible. It won’t be that long before our home technology understands our moods and responds to our ideas accordingly, much like a ghost reading your mind!

But, if that occurs, would it be a wise move? Well, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos released a video on Monday that comically demonstrates why it’s best if Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant, stays out of our thoughts.

The latest Super Bowl ad, which runs for one minute and thirty seconds, features Scarlett Johansson and her actor-writer husband Colin Jost illustrating all the stuff that may go way off the mark if Alexa begins to read our brains.

How All Began!

The commercial begins in the couple’s house, with Jost welcoming Johansson over to see a clever, smart home controller for the big game. “Alexa, it’s game day,” Jost declares boldly, and the home assistant switches on the TV, which is broadcasting football on Amazon’s Prime streaming service, lower the curtains, and, to their astonishment, precisely freezes the bottles of wine in a smart wine cooler. “It’s as if she can read your mind,” they agree.

The commercial then plays a brief montage of humorous marital quirks: Johansson wakes up next to Jost in bed, and Alexa abruptly declares that it’s ordering mouthwash, showing that Jost is concerned about Johansson’s terrible breath. In another scene, Alexa plays Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies” as Johansson indicates to Jost that she doesn’t truly adore love scenes. Watch it out & find out! 

Just For Fun!

The trending Amazon Super Bowl 2022 campaign is actually entertaining and leaves you wondering whether it’s realistic for Alexa to read your mind. On the other hand, it’s terrifying, and thank goodness Alexa can’t read your mind.

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