Bye Bye, Yo-Yo Effect! How to Lose Weight & Stay Fit

Lose Weight & Stay Fit

You’re happy when the scale shows you lower values with time, especially after a diet. But at some point, you realize that it’s impossible to stick to a strict diet for a long period of time. What works in the short run isn’t sustainable and sooner or later, you’ll get back to your old habits.

At some point, you’ll end up on an emotional rollercoaster. Every diet seems to be a struggle to retain the results. That’s when the yo-yo effect kicks in.

So, what’s the yo-yo effect?

Lose Weight & Stay Fit


The yo-yo effect refers to losing weight and gaining it back again at some point, often related to your diet. It’s usually a consequence of wonder diets, which are extremely imbalanced and promise quick results. However, they offer no long term guarantees.

That’s why most people end up regaining the lost weight within the first year. This cycle of weight fluctuations is extremely unhealthy too.

The effect may also show up after an imbalanced or low calorie diet. The metabolism slows down to consume less energy, hence the upcoming weight gain.

Losing weight overnight is also based on losing water and glycogen. Both of them are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Other causes may include weight loss pills, medication, and obviously, the lack of professional advice from a dietitian.

Now, how do you get rid of this yo-yo effect and lose weight while also keeping your new silhouette?

Seek a dietitian’s advice

Lose Weight & Stay Fit


Specialized help makes a massive difference in avoiding the yo-yo effect. Dietitians have the experience and knowledge to give you a personalized plan that matches both your body needs and long term objectives.

Most dietitians will pick a balanced and flexible approach over restricting certain foods. They often recommend fruits, vegetables, specific types of protein, and whole cereals, rather than processed foods.

Get some realistic goals in place

Most people have unreal goals when they try to lose weight, a terrible mistake. Failing to reach those goals over a short period of time is extremely frustrating. Instead of hunting for a quick transformation, try to come up with some realistic goals.

This way, your body will manage to adapt to these changes gradually. You’ll have multiple small goals achieved, fueling your motivation and showing great results.

Don’t bother to learn how to get a bubble butt in a week or two because it’s less likely to happen. Instead, try to do it by planning a long term goal. That’s more likely to give you results.

Enjoy your favorite foods

Lose Weight & Stay Fit


Frustration and sadness are perfectly natural when you try to avoid foods you love. This idea may also cause you to give up mentally. In the long run, you risk failing, meaning you’ll end up with cravings and excessive eating, which will naturally cause nutritional imbalances.

Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods. Just make sure you have everything in moderate amounts. Balance is one of the top secrets when trying to lose weight.


You don’t need to be a genius to understand that physical activity of any kind will burn calories. Exercise will also strengthen your body and give you a good feeling. During your first six months of dieting, you should have at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

Motivation will naturally come in once you see some results. Once the first six months are gone, exercise should be a habit. Over the next half a year, try to have 200 to 300 minutes of physical activity per week.

Find some exercise you actually love. It could be walking, running, swimming, yoga or just going to the gym. If you like it, you’re less likely to quit it. Also, you can diversify your exercise a little to avoid boredom.

Find a support network

Lose Weight & Stay Fit


The yo-yo effect is often a mental related issue. Losing weight is one thing. Maintaining your new weight is another thing. Both processes can be extremely challenging, but you don’t have to go through all these by yourself.

There are various weight loss groups or forums out there. You can join running clubs, for example. Then, don’t forget about your family and friends. Talk to them about your challenge to make it easier.

Sharing your experience, success, and challenges with others is one of the most motivational things in the process.

Bottom line, losing the yo-yo effect starts with a healthy and durable approach to your weight loss journey. Stick to a balanced diet, exercise, get some realistic goals, and seek help when you feel like losing it. Patience and perseverance will push you to reach your goals in no time.

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