Interesting Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Celebrate Easter at Home

For the second year in a row, Easter may be a little different, but these are the times we live in. You’re not going to have a massive brunch, and your mother isn’t going to make one of her exquisite desserts for you, but the spirit of the spring holiday is still alive and well. This list includes everything from a honey-baked ham dinner to kid-friendly décor and fun events to help you celebrate Easter at home. And, who knows, maybe it’s time to start some new traditions!

Teach Your Children About Easter Traditions’ Origins

Do you know why and how a bunny came to be associated with this religious holiday, kids? Teach them how to make one of our cute bunny crafts using our interesting historical overview as a reference.

Welcome To The Virtual Easter World! 


Many churches are now making their services available online, either live or as a recorded podcast. If your church does not have streaming capabilities, “visit” another church instead.

Although a well-curated Spotify playlist of Easter tunes can’t replace your own church choir, it can help you and your family make a cheerful noise, even if you’re the most tone-deaf family on the block. It’s difficult not to smile and clap along while watching the Mississippi Mass Choir, particularly if you’re in need of a spirit-lifting performance.

It’s never been easier to feel close to loved ones, even though you’re miles apart, thanks to FaceTime and apps like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Houseparty. Organize a virtual Easter lunch for all of the cousins, or all of the cousins can tune in to the same church service. But, when you get excited about all the virtual possibilities, don’t forget about those who aren’t as tech-savvy: pick up the phone and wish those loved ones a happy Easter too.

Easter: Outfit Of The Day

If you’ve been rocked a daily social-distancing look of yoga pants and bedhead (absolutely no judgement here), 2021 Easter day is a great time to shake things up. If you ordered your dresses the second the spring collections hit stores, don’t throw them away; instead, wear them to your living room. And, if you still don’t have an Easter dress, consider purchasing one online or local boutique or just simply follow trending easter outfit ideas given below. 

  • Florals for spring may not be ground-breaking, but there are some things that are timeless for a reason. Easter’s spring-like celebratory aesthetic is ideal for breaking out your most feminine floral gown, accented with demure pink accessories.
  • Easter is a great time to experiment with colour. Make a bold statement with a multicoloured striped skirt, then balance it out with solid accent pieces.
  • A combination of A lace dress with a lot of texture is quick and elegant, and it allows you to keep the rest of your look simple (because you have enough to do on Easter morning.)
  • If you’re going egg hunting this Easter, you’ll need something that’s both practical and festive to run around in. The perfect Easter outfit is a utility jumpsuit in a pastel hue. With a simple chain necklace, you can keep the look simple.
Decor Your Brunch Table

Celebrate Easter at Home


Bring out the china, iron the tablecloth, and polish the silver. Even if your dining room won’t be as full as normal, twirling up the table will help to set a festive tone for the day. For a refreshing and colourful arrangement, cut grass clippings from the yard.

Use a Peter Rabbit table throw to make your Easter table even more special. Without going overboard, this intricate style adds a festive touch. We recommend combining it with these Easter-themed napkins, which will add a dash of goofiness to your table.

Simply hang a stylish and cheerful easter banner on a blank wall if you don’t want to do anything else. With minimal effort, it will add a festive touch to your Easter brunch.

What’s On The Menu For An Easter Brunch?

Allowing Easter brunch to take all of the culinary fun is not a good idea. With one of these elegant but simple dinner entrees, you can start a new tradition. Request that each family member choose their top three recipe options, write them on separate slips of paper, throw them in a bowl, and then select one as the “winner” to prepare together.

Now, It’s time to bake up some holiday desserts. At least one of these cute Easter cookies, pies, bars, and bread is sure to please. They’ll be a welcome break from the jelly bean overload, with pastel colours and a range of flavours.

Last, a healthy dose of fruit atop Easter dessert pizza helps to balance out all of the sugar. Children can use their imaginations to help “dye” the egg with fruit stripes. While we recommend using store-bought sugar cookie dough to save time, you can certainly begin with a homemade cookie dough base if you prefer. bon appetit! 

Family-Friendly Activities

Celebrate Easter at Home


Bring out your inner Bill Nye, grab a pair of rubber gloves, and show your kids how to make majestic patterned eggs out of baking soda and rubber cement. 

Why not rent a movie with the whole family to celebrate Easter in a more relaxed manner? If you want to add some fun to your day, Peter Rabbit is a classic choice for even the youngest members of your group. There are several enjoyable ways to celebrate Easter without having to leave the home.

Encourage your children to take a break from their iPads or televisions by asking them to play a real-life game. These Easter games, races, mazes, and other activities can keep their minds active.

Host An Exciting Event 

Celebrate Easter at Home


There are still fun ways to celebrate Easter at home if you aren’t ready to attend public celebrations or big crowds. Here are some suggestions for making Easter special for your family while staying at home.

Easter Baking Contest: You should bake cupcakes and let everyone decorate their own even if you don’t want to make it a competition. The aim is to retain some traditional activities while also reconsidering them to fit current conditions.

Easter Fashion Show: Dress up in Easter bonnets, sparkly shoes, and lacey dresses and turn on a fashion show at home. Play runway music, strike a pose for the cameras, and capture the moment onto film to share with friends and family!

Host Virtual Brunch: Plan a FaceTime or Skype call with out-of-town family and a celebratory meal together. Although it is not the same as being in the same room, families can still enjoy “togetherness” and conversation while eating favourite dishes.

Easter Theme Dance Party: You might be amazed at how many Easter songs are now available for children; make a playlist and get your hop on with an Easter-themed dance party.

Classic Easter Egg Hunt: Finally, going on an egg hunt is an option. Normally, this is an activity reserved for children, but if there will be no children at your celebration this year, there’s no reason adults can’t appreciate a good egg hunt too. Begin by instructing all players to close their eyes. Another person should hide the eggs in a single room, making sure they are just noticeable enough to be found.After the hiding is complete, all players should open the eyes and take turns pointing out where they think an egg might be hiding.  When an egg is found, the person who hid it puts it in the finder’s basket. Continue to take turns finding eggs until all of them have been discovered.

Games are a great way to spend time with the people you care about. Sure, you could play the standard board games. If you want to do something Easter-themed, we recommend Easter Mad Libs and there are plenty of easter games out for some seriously silly fun.

Get Crafting! 


After you’ve finished your egg projects, do you want to make more art? Why not try your hand at some fun craft projects? There are plenty of super cute Easter-themed craft ideas available, and the majority of them can be enjoyed by every member of the family, making this yet another great way to spend family time.

Here are a few of our favourite craft ideas at Live Enhanced:

Bunny Hats — Bunny hats are a classic that adds to the holiday fun by providing everyone with something silly to wear. Cut bunny ears from white construction paper to make your bunny hats. Use pink construction paper or paint to create some smaller “inner ear” layers on the front. Make a headband out of more white paper stapled into a ring shape to fit the wearer’s head. Finish by stapling the ears to the band and enjoy your Easter ears all day!

Tissue Paper Flowers — We love tissue paper flowers because they’re simple to make, completely customizable, and look great even after Easter. Simply cut tissue paper into circles, petals, or any other shape you want, then thread the layers onto a pipe cleaner “stem.”

Pom-Pom Chicks — These adorable little chicks make great table decorations. Simply cut tiny feet and beaks from orange felt and glue them onto yellow pom-poms to make them. Finish with small googly eyes and admire your super cute little creations.

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