Not Sure About Filtered Tap Water? Try Natural Spring Water!

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Being cautious about filtered tap water is only natural. In fact, there’s every good reason to be cautious. With a plethora of bacteria and a host of chemicals introduced to stamp them out, water from the tap can sometimes taste flat, salty or even a bit off. While many filters on the market are effective at removing chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, its no secret that natural spring water tastes the best, and will always be the most refreshing type of water to drink. Here’s why natural spring water is the best way to quench your thirst.

The advantage over tap water 

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Before it pours from your taps at home, mains water is subject to a rigorous treatment process that aims to strip the water of any bacteria and other harmful substances. Unfortunately, this process is not always fully effective and can leave trace elements of copper, lead and other chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride making the water potentially harmful and with a less than desirable taste. Natural spring water is collected straight from the water source and is bottled with no additives or disinfectants, making it as pure as possible.

What makes spring water healthier? 

Spring water, on the other hand, is not subject to the same environment or treatment processes like tap water is. Not only is it fresh from the source, spring water has several interesting health benefits too:

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  • Fresh spring water bottles are pact with naturally occurring minerals such as sodium, calcium and magnesium that promote both a great, fresh taste and contribute to healthy cell growth and repair.
  • Spring water, when local and sustainable sourced, is a great way to improve your health without relying on your mains water supply for drinking water.
  • Spring water is often safer than tap water. Yes, it’s true. As tap water has been treated and disinfected, it passes through a series of underground pipelines before it even arrives at your mains water supply. After travelling for miles it still hasn’t even reached your tap. This entire process exposes the water to a number of different environments before reaching your home. 
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Spring water is better than distilled water 

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You may have heard about distilled water having zero additives and being so clean that there’s nothing that could possibly harm you. Well, taste it and you’ll see that what they say is true. It tastes like there really is nothing in it. Unfortunately, in the case of distilled water, it’s both expensive to buy and time consuming to make, so unless you enjoy flat, tasteless water, stick with what tastes good.

Natural spring water is a simple solution to healthy drinking water 

Without any ongoing plumbing costs, or filtration issues, you can rely on a steady source of natural spring water to be in perfect, ready to drink condition. Storing just below room temperature where possible will give the perfect, refreshing taste that spring water is known for.

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