How Videos Can Significantly Boost Your Covid-19 Marketing Strategies

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COVID19 has created a huge mayhem and brought us to a standstill. With lockdowns, quarantines, and work from home, people are confined within the four walls for months. This means more use of the internet and increased content consumption. The current pandemic has forced most businesses to run virtually. Hence, it is the best time to create some incredible content to level up marketing strategies. 

The video content has more consumption than anything else, with an almost 80% increase since the pandemic started. An average person spends nearly 1 to 2 hours watching videos. There are tons of software tools which are called video maker like this one here, to help create free videos, even for beginners. The videos undoubtedly help with better engagement due to the fluidity of the content flow. Here is what you need to know about videos and how it can boost COVID19 marketing strategies. 

Planning Concepts and Content for the Video


According to the research of Australian Business News, video marketing is considered the best strategy for your online business. It’s shown that the majority of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool for their content marketing strategy. Based on the marketing research, Melbourn marketers expect that by 2022, online video will make up the majority of Internet traffic. Sometimes creating compelling videos can be a daunting task and can provide a lot of challenges for your business. However, there are many video manufacturers out there, and compared to UK and USA marketing agencies, Sydney video production companies use video as the most effective tactic for keeping your audience fresh and updated content. There are a lot of techniques you have to know for creating interesting videos.

The first and initial part of using videos for a marketing strategy is the toughest. It is important to plan the theme and content for the video before shooting and uploading it. The videos are indeed great for digital marketing strategies, but not all videos stand out. It is important to set realistic goals for the video and accordingly start shooting, uploading, and marketing.

  • Create videos in alignment with your business or brand. Conceptualize the videos and shoot them accordingly.
  • Discussing and reviewing a product or service. Most people are inquisitive and always looking for learning something new. 
  • Videos are introducing people who work for the brand and bringing out their stories. This can be created as a small series of videos. Sharing real-life experiences of people brings a human touch to the video.
  • Creating awareness videos about certain facts related to the brand or business you are associated with. 
  • Create videos with a powerful storyline to associate with people emotionally. Try to get common people in the videos to make it more relatable. 
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The content of the video is essential. Brainstorm with a reliable team and bring out ideas to pack together in the video content. Always create original and authentic videos because this is how you connect to the target audience. 

Cost-Effective and Affordable Marketing through Videos

Marketing Strategies


Creating videos requires a huge budget and a lot of fancy equipment. If that is what you think, it is wrong because you can make good content videos even from your mobile phones. With layoffs and businesses going down, there is a significant amount of cost-cutting within the industries. When the budget is such a constraint, videos prove to be the most affordable marketing strategy in such a scenario. 

You do not need fancy equipment or a team to shoot videos. The review or how-to videos or informative videos can be single-handedly shot at home using the mobile phone. There are tons of free video editing and movie making apps that help in stitching the content together. Use free platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram IGTV to upload the videos. 

Optimize the Videos for Mobile Platform

The use of mobile phones to scan for information has tremendously increased over time. They are handy and easy to access information. More people use their phones to check for videos. Make sure the video content is optimized for viewing on mobile phones. The videos should stream on mobile phones easily without reducing the speed. The video must be scalable and easy to download. The viewers increase along with better engagement with mobile-optimized responsive videos. 

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Increase Traffic and Conversion Rates through Videos

Marketing Strategies


The videos are great marketing tools as they help in increasing the website traffic. The videos uploaded on different platforms can redirect the potential customer to the website. This helps in retaining old clients and bringing in new ones. The videos are great for the website’s SEO, which means higher ranking on search engines and better visibility. The videos are indeed a great way to attract the attention of customers.  

Optimize the Video with Essential Elements

When you plan to upload the video on YouTube, make sure it has information imperative for business growth. Always upload a video on YouTube with an intro to give a summary. There are tons of free YouTube intro maker to create 10 seconds of the intro. Always add an end screen with a link to redirect the viewer to the website. Include an important call to action button to redirect viewers. This increases website traffic and hence markets the business or brand better. Optimize the title of the video, meta description, and tags with relevant keywords. 

The use of the right keywords helps users find the content easily. This helps in reaching a reliable target audience. Use a catchy title or headline for the video to attract more people and engage in the brand. However, make sure not to use a clickbait title as it decreases reliability. If possible, add video subtitles in English if your video is in another language. 

Share the Videos on Social Media Platform

After creating and uploading the videos, the option of uploading and sharing it on different social media platforms increases visibility. Billions of people are out there on social media, looking for content, or creating content. By sharing the video on social media, it tends to go viral and reach millions of people. This helps in easy and cost-effective marketing of the brand. 

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Email marketing with Videos

Marketing Strategies


Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies but give it an edge by including interesting videos in the email. While sending a newsletter or email to the subscribed user list, add the relevant videos. This gives the brand more visibility and hence helps in boosting marketing. Add an attractive video landing page and inspire customers to engage and know the brand better. 


Pandemic has been hard on everyone. Businesses have seen a massive fall with reduced sales and demand. However, this time can be utilized in strategic marketing using the right tools. Videos are powerful tools that help in strong engagement.

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